Our Promise

"We believe family, friends and community are the foundation of happiness. SteelBerry exists to honor this belief by helping people make a difference in their world. Your stories are our story." Jeff Cooper, President

Custom Ornaments, Collectibles and Keepsakes

SteelBerry is the leading manufacturer of custom made holiday ornaments. We offer the most extensive selection of custom made ornament options. Cast, enamel, glass, wood, acrylic, resin and many others. There are options to meet any price point, timeline and design requirements.

We have created many orders of custom ornaments for our valued customers all over the world. Popular uses include ornaments for employees, customers, Alumni, for retail and much more.

We have some very special and unique ornament options. Our Sculpted ornaments can be seen at College Bookstores around the country as replicas of the school mascot. Custom Cast and Pewter are great for College Alumni gifts. Most recently we started making custom shaped glass ornaments and you will soon see them at gift shops and retailers.

Since we are custom ornaments specialists we will walk you through the steps of having your own designs or ideas created. If you're stuck and need help with an idea you can always consult with the team at Steelberry to get an extra set of eyes on your project. In addition to helping with your projects, Steelberry provides free art and design.


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