MISSION STATEMENT: Create great products and services that help people celebrate and remember important memories of their life. Build a dynamic successful fun company while supporting society and the environment. -SteelBerry

HISTORY: It began at the hockey rink…When Jeff’s team signed up for that International Hockey Tournament, Jeff’s father Dave was less concerned with who would ultimately win the tournament, but whether or not Jeff’s team and all the other local teams would have trading pins like the European teams attending would.

Back in those prehistoric days of the 1970’s, not only were team trading pins virtually unknown in North America, but there were no faxes, no internet, and as of yet, no SteelBerry.

An entrepreneur in accountant’s clothing, Dave spent weeks digging around in books and magazines at the library to find a suitable manufacturer, sketched a crude, but perfectly adequate design, wrote a check and sent everything off by snail-mail hoping for the best.

When that first puck dropped to start the tournament, every kid in the rink proudly held their team’s pin in their hands, and after the last whistle blew, each of them left with a collection of pins from all the other teams in attendance. The pins were little trophies, every one, and before long teams from across the region were calling Dave Cooper to help make pins for their teams as well.

The smile on 12-year-old Jeff Cooper’s face that day pretty much said it all, and it’s that smile that’s been driving the SteelBerry brand and vision ever since.

At SteelBerry, our story is all about telling your story. It’s about rallying around all those amazing things we do in life, and the memories we create together. Whether it’s your sports team, the local PTO, your business, family reunion, wedding or special event; we’re doing what we do, because you’re doing what you do. That’s what makes our communities great, and that’s what we want to celebrate.

Jeff Cooper and the SteelBerry team are committed to giving you the kind of service and products that will consistently meet and exceed your expectations. In fact, we’re committed to creating new expectations everyday. Whether we’re donating 5% of our pre-tax profits to social and environmental causes (yes, we do that), or relentlessly pushing the supply chain and the manufacturing process to be greener and more environmentally friendly than ever (yes, we’re doing that too!); SteelBerry is committed to giving you something to rave about.

We remember everyday that without you and the work you’re doing, we couldn’t be doing what we’re doing, and we value that relationship above all else. Staying true to our values over all these years has helped us create a company we’re all incredibly proud to be a part of, the kind of company that cares for its customers, and its employees like family.

From the beginning, Jeff’s father Dave called it, "treating people the way you want to be treated,” his own personal golden rule. Well, that’s still our “golden rule” today, or as we like to put it, our SteelBerry, that little berry of wisdom that’s as solid as steel. We treat you like we want to be treated ⎯ that’s our commitment to you, and our commitment to each other.
What more can we say? We look forward to working with every one of you and creating solid, lasting, inspirational relationships built on service, quality, community, and trust. We think that’s something to rave about for sure!
Your stories are our story. Thanks!