Stock Dog Breed Magnets


If you don't see your dog's breed represented here- request it! SteelBerry has been creating custom magnets for companies and businesses for the past several years. We have earned a reputation for great customer service and a great product. These magnets can be printed in any color your like, and can have any text printed on them. These dog breed magnets are totally customizable, and make great retail and souvenir items. People love their pets and these magnets give them a great opportunity to share that love with everyone they drive past. They will make a great retail item in your pet store, or other gift shop. This product measures approximately 4 x 5 inches. Size varies by design. Minimum quantity per design - 50 pieces. Price accounts for 50 magnets of the same design. There is no additional cost for adding colors or wording! Our car magnets are built to last. They are made from 30 vinyl which is durable enough to survive any weather. The design is printed directly onto the vinyl, so that no additional layers of material may peel off. Additionally, they are printed with UV stabilized ink, which prevents the colors in your magnets from fading due to exposure from the sun. We checked everything to make sure that your magnets will last you years! Finally, these high quality, durable magnets are proudly made in the USA! As always, you can call us at 1-866-727-9811, or email for more info, but if you are ready to place your order, click below and submit your order including your desired colors and printed message! Call us for pricing on orders over 100 pieces for reduced rates!