Political Car Bumper Magnets


Boots the impact of your campaign with our beautifully crafted and quality printed custom car magnets. No other magnet manufacturer can provide you with the customization we offer. We use a full color printing process which allows you to include as many colors on your magnets as you wish at no extra charge. We can create almost any color you can imagine and include it in your design as well at patterns and gradients! On top of our quality ink, which is UV stabilized to prevent fading from sun exposure, we also can create magnets in any shape you like. This includes circles, ovals, rectangles, as well as any custom shape and anything in between! Sizing is also up to you- so go big with your magnets and make one that everyone will see! When investing in your campaign, car magnets can make a tremendous impact on your exposure to potential voters. Ours have been tested time and time again to lead successful campaigns and increase awareness for many causes. We would love to help you out! Just give us a call at 866-727-9811 or shoot us an e-mail to info@steelberry.com!